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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Stephanoceras Sp. – Cut and Polished Matching Pair


Cut & Polished matching pair of stephanoceras, a prevalent genus of ammonite in the middle Jurassic. Disovered in Evercy, Normandy, France, these high quality specimens are both beautiful and informative, making them perfect for both display and analysis in a classroom or lab. All specimens are provided in white card trays with information labels

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Stephanoceras is the dominant genus of the super-family of ammanoid cephalopods, Stephanoceratoidea. They thrived during the middle Jurassic and are distinct from other ammonites for their sharper ribbing and sinuous suture lines. Stephanoceras tended to have exposed whorls, which has led to the distinct perforations in the outer rim of the interior of the shell. These specimens were discovered in the Bajocian Evercy, Normandy, France, these specimens are supplied as two polished halves, each around 50 mm in diameter and come in a white card tray with an accompanying information label.

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