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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Suunto Compass Clinometer (Global) M3

£43.00 ex VAT

Technical Specifications:
* Two Zone System
* A Clinometer
* serrated bezel ring
* jewel bearing
* adjustable declination correction scale
* base plate with anti-slip rubber pads and rounded edges
* magnifying lens
* luminous markings
* marking holes for drawing control points
* also available with global needle
* size: 60 x 125 mm /2.4″ x 4.9″
* weight: 44 g /1.6 oz

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A premium quality ergonomically designed precision compass clinometer designed by renowned compass makers, Suunto. Provides accurate and convenient direction taking and also has a built in gravity operated clinometer to measure degree readings such as dip and strikes on rock beds or height readings. Ideal for use by geologists or field geographers.

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Weight 210 g


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