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Suunto KB – 14/360 R Compass

£129.60 ex VAT

Technical Details:
* Global Needle
* Accuracy 1/3°
* Graduation interval 0.5°
* Anodized light-alloy housing
* Optical adjustment
* Damping liquid
* Jeweled bearing
* Declination correction (in D-versions)
* Nylon pouch with belt-loop
* Lanyard
* Available for 5 geographic balancing zones
* 2-year warranty
* Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 15 mm
* Weight: 115 g

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The Suunto KB14-360 R is a precision compass which uses an azimuth dial (0 - 360°) The entire compass is housed in a robust allow body and is similar to the KB-14 except that this compass is made for use in more rough and rugged areas and will not float. Due to this, it is particularly useful in the mining sectors, or on drilling and quarry sites where its robust housing comes into play in protecting the accurate instrument inside. The compasses have been given permanent anti-static treatment. The lens apertures of the KB-20 types are restricted horizontally by a column, which automatically centres the eye on the optical axis, thus eliminating parallax. The compass incorporates a global needle which will work anywhere in the world.

Additional information

Weight 825 g


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