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Suunto KB – 20/360 R Compass

£68.85 ex VAT

Technical Details:
* Global Needle
* Accuracy 0.5°
* Graduation interval 1°
* Scale: 0-360°
* Plastic casing
* Damping liquid
* Jeweled bearing
* Optical adjustment
* Lanyard
* Floating
* Available for 5 geographic balancing zones
* 2-year warranty
* Dimensions: 75 x 55 x 16 mm
* Weight: 40 g

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The Suunto KB-20 is a floating hand-bearing compass that weights only 40 g. It is an ideal instrument for marine, professional and outdoor use. The Suunto KB-20 has an accuracy of 1 degree, the graduation interval is 1° and it has reverse scale. The capsule is covered with a floating, shock-resistant plastic housing which is yellow to allow it to be easily spotted if dropped. The KB - 20 is fully waterproof and is therefore not only suitable for use by professional navigators & geologists but those who take part in water sports, and commercial fishing. Apart from simply reading the compass readings from the top of the instrument, the side houses a parallax free lens which you can peer through to get a highly accurate directional reading in degree bearings.

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Weight 1500 g


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