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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Tigers Eye 500 grams

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500g bags of Tiger eye, a metamorphic rock, often classified as a mineral, comprised of numerous golden brown fibrous crystals which stem from the mineral previously being asbestos. These samples come from South Africa.

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Tigers eye is a metamorphic rock classed as a gemstone due to its high quality, crystal habit and the cutting and polishing it can take. Often found to be a mixed of gold and brown colours with an silky lustre, it has a fibrous crystal habit, meaning that the rock is comprised of numerous ,fine, needle like crystals which are fragile. It forms from when quartz crystals forms around and over the previously existing mineral, crocidolite which is blue to grey in colour and actually an asbestos mineral, and eventually entirely replaces it, resulting in the tigers eye we see now.These particular specimens come from South Africa.

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