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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Tigers Eye Large Tumblestones

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Tigers eye tumblestones, so called because of the cats eye effect the gemstone exhibits when cut in a certain direction. Pieces have been tumbled and polished to make them smoother and appear brighter. Popular tumblestone for many.

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Tigers eye tumblestones have always been a popular gemstone for many people, this is mainly down to the the silky lustre it exhibits and the bands it forms which gives a reflective 'cats eye' effect. Tigers eye is actually a metamorphic rock, belonging in the same family as other rocks with fiberous minerals, such as serpentine. A blue variation of the rock is commonly known as Hawks eye. These gemstones have been cut, tumbled and polished to make them smooth to touch and also enhance the effect of the silky lustre and colour, sizes are around 3 cm in size and are available as single pieces or in set amounts.

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