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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Trigonostoma acutangula

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Species Name: Trigonostoma acutangula

Family: Gastropod

Age: Miocene, Burdigalian, 20 to 15 Mya.

Location: Leognan, France

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Trigonostoma acutangula gastropod mollusc collected from Miocene sediments in Leognan, France. Trigonostoma is a genus of marine gastropod mollusc belonging to the family Cancellariidae i.e. the nutmeg snails.They have intricate, turbinbate shells which have a pitted appearance. These specimens are in good condition and we have two different sizes in stock: Small sizes measure between 20 and 30 mm in diameter while large measure between 30 and 40 mm in length from the base of the aperture to the apex of the shell. Each gastropod is supplied individually in a small plastic bag with an information label.

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