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XPL1500 Trinocular Microscope

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Technical Specification:
• Eyepieces: Pair of 10X eye pieces with cross hair
• Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X and 60X
• Head: Trinocular
• Magnification range: 40X – 600X
• Polarising
• 360° rotatable stage
• Light: Transmitted light source, 6 volt, 20 watt halogen bulb

The XPL1500 trinocular microscope is a high end microscope with an excellent price tag, it features 40X to 600X magnification range due to an excellent pair of eye pieces and objectives, as well as a rotatable stage, transmitted light source and polarising capabilities. These features and many more make it suitable for use in earth science educational sectors and field research.

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An excellent routine and educational grade polarising microscope featuring a trinocular head with a photoport for a camera and 40X to 600X magnification range. For the eye pieces, a pair 10X eyepieces with a crosshair are featured as well as , 4 plan achromatic, strain-free, centerable objectives 4X, 10X, 40X and 60X, giving you the 40X to 600X range. A 360° rotatable stage is present, as expected but also featured on this model are research level 1/4 & 1 wavelength retardation plates which helps the user with assessment of optical path differences in birefringent specimens. A bertrand lens is also installed, which allows the device to align the various optical components. Also included as standard are a retractable analyser in the head and rotatable polarisers. The transmitted light source is emitted via a 6 volt, 20 watt halogen light with a coarse and fine focus adjuster and a limit stopper. A highly robust construction will ensure knocks to the device will not faulter its accuracy, in all, it is an excellent microscope with a range of capabilities, ideal for use in education and research sectors, particularly for the observation of geological thin sections.

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