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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Turritella sp – Hampshire

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Species Name: Turritella sp

Family: Gastropod

Age: Eocene, Barton Beds ~ 40 Mya

Location: Stubbington, Hampshire

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Turritella sp gastropod mollusc collected from the Eocene Barton Beds of Stubbington, Hampshire. Turritella is a genus of marine gastropod mollusc which is still around today. These specimens are in good condition; they have smooth shells which exhibit the textbook turreted or 'unicorn horn' shape. The shells measure between 5 and 7 cm in length from the base of the aperture to the apex of the shell and would make a welcome addition to any collection. Some specimens may exhibit small, smooth holes; these are shell borings which were drilled out by other predatory organisms as a means to consume prey. Supplied in small plastic bags with an information label.

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