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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Turtle Carapace

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Species: Turtle (exact species unknown)

Geological Age: Eocene – 56 – 33 million years ago

Location: Bracklesham Beds, Lee on Solent, UK.

Size(s): 1 – 3 cm.

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Fossilised remains of turtle carapace, more commonly known as the turtles shell, dating from the Eocene period, around 56 to 33 million years old. The turtles carapace or shell is made up of various different sized and shaped fragments, which all join together to form the overall shell. The shell of the turtle evolved over time from modified scutes (thick bony scales) on the turtles ancestors. Eventually, these scutes became a thick bony armor which also contained all of the turtles vital organs. These particular specimens are broken fragments of various parts of the carapace, water erosion has resulted in some of them appearing smooth and rounded, but typical bone like structures can still be seen. They were collected from the Bracklesham beds in Lee on Solent, UK and are available in two sizes.

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