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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Wire Flag Markers – 100 Flags

£14.00 ex VAT

Flag: 13cm x 10cm
Wire: 76cm
Material: PVC
Embossed: Yes
Colours: Various (optional)

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A heavy gauge PVC wire flag marker is used when surveyors from various sectors require outlining a particular area which they will work on or to pin points of interest, these could be areas where mineral reserves are of interest, trees which may need felling, areas where seedling may need to be planted, road works may occur and many more. They are also used in music venues and sporting events, marking out certain places such as areas where only certain persons are allowed access or to mark the route of a course. The flags are made from heavy duty PVC and embossed, so will not tear in the wind or crack from cold weather. An exclusive hot melt glue system ensures that the flags stay on the wire and not on the ground. The wire is strong and sturdy, it can be bedded into most loose soil, gravel and more, slightly flexible, allowing it to bend in windy conditions.
Applications include:
- Surveying
- Grading
- Forestry
- Agriculture
- Construction
- Utilities
- Trenching
- Highway Construction
- Landscaping
- Farming
- Pesticide Posting.

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Weight 2100 g
Flag Colour

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