Purchase Orders

If you are from an educational establishment, such as a school, college, university or other educational body or a gift shop, museum, local council or government body it is standard business practice to place orders via a ‘Purchase Order’.

We are happy to accept purchase orders from you if this is the case. All purchase orders must have a purchase order number, an invoice address (and delivery address if different) and direct contact details, such as a direct line phone number and email of the receiver as well as account department details. The way a purchase order works is that you either email or post your order which must be on a company headed paper along with the purchase order number, address and contact details and details or descriptions of what you would like. We will then process the order and send it out along with the invoice, (or we will post or email the invoice to the invoice or email address provided if requested) From this date, you will then have 30 days to pay for the order. A little leeway of 2 – 3 days is acceptable for the invoice not to be paid, such as the 30th day falling on a weekend or public holiday. However, failure to process payment after this date will result in us contacting you in regards to payment. After 3 attempts of contact and no receipt of payment, we will have no other option but to forward the case on to our preffered debt collection agency. 

To place a purchase order, please visit our Contact Us page, and use the contact details (Postal address or email) to send through your purchase order. If you have any questions prior to sending your purchase order, such as assistance in items required or clarification of details, please feel free to contact us and discuss anything. If you require us to fill out a supplier form (as many establishments have computerised records of their suppliers). Simply give us a call to notify us that you will be sending the form first, (this is so we do not think it is a spam message and delete it). and we will fill it out as soon as we receive it.