educational visits

At Northern Geological Supplies Ltd, we are always happy to encourage and assist younger people in regards to geology & earth science and the industry over all. Therefor, we are more than happy to welcome school, college or other educational establishments to visit our showroom for a short trip. Other schools who visit often follow the same guideline in that they arrive, and first receive a short presentation from the managing director Barry Roberts (who also used to a teacher himself). The talk is in regards to the business, the industry we supply and geology in general. The talk covers aspects such as basic geology, rocks, fossils, minerals etc as well as the work we do and industry we supply which is mainly the educational sector and mineral exploration & mining sector. (which we find the majority of students wish to break into in their future careers).

The presentation is adjusted, depending on the age group of the students. For example: A trip consisting of primary school children will cover more about very basic geology, and include more of the 'wow' factor of fossils and minerals which are eye catching for children of that age. Secondary school children will often receive a talk focusing on basic geology and basic mineral exploration and field work where as college students will receive a talk consisting of intermediate geological aspects, mineral exploration and industries they could think about breaking into in their future careers. The talk is followed by welcoming questions from the students and offer any advice we can give to them and sometimes even questions from teachers. The talk is then followed by the students having 'free' time to look around our showroom and if they wish, purchase any goods they may be interested in, whether it is geological samples, to books & maps to unique gifts for friends & family. 

This trips are completely free, no matter how many number of students you wish to bring as we simply do it because we enjoy it, and feel great pride in passing on knowledge and interests to a younger audience. The only thing which you/students may wish to bring is some spending money and maybe a camera to take photos of some of our more ompressive items (fossil skulls, fish, large trilobites etc) are also welcome. (we welcome taking photos while holding some of our items). 

If you are interested in booking a trip to visit us, or simply want to know more information, please feel free to call us on 0800 112 3115 and ask for Barry or Nitesh or email us via  We can offer adivce, or arrange a date best for your class. 



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