Visit Our Showroom

At our current location in Bolton, we also have an onsite showroom fitted with cabinets, glass shelving units, lighting and more. We are more than happy to have customers and public to come and view our showroom and what we have in it. Items include the more fantastic specimens we stock, display pieces such as large crystal beds, bright and vibrant polished gemstones and amazing fossils. Feel free to visit us during our opening hours (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm) and come and have a look around and have talk with our friendly and helpful staff. 

ahead view from entrance            left view from entrance
 Immediate view from the showroom entrance.    View to your left as you enter the showroom.
view of gondola from entrance   long view of back
 The gondala display at the center of the showroom.    Looking towards to far back cabinents.
furthest back cabinets   inset stair cabinet
 The furthest back displays.    Display units surrounding the stairs.
view from back towards the entrance   window area display
 Above view of the center of the showroom.    A view of the window display area.