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Introducing our comprehensive range of Geophysical Testing products, designed to facilitate accurate and detailed subsurface investigations in geological and geotechnical applications. Our Geophysical Testing equipment is meticulously crafted to deliver precise measurements, providing valuable insights into the subsurface conditions and geological structures.

Choose our Geophysical Testing products to enhance your subsurface investigations, geological mapping, and geotechnical assessments. Contact us today to explore our range of Geophysical Testing equipment, discuss your specific requirements, and experience the difference our products can make in your geological testing and analysis endeavours.

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  • KM-7 Kappa Magnetic Susceptibility Meter £1,287.00 ex VAT

    Single mode – Allows for taking individual readings
    Scan mode – provides fast information on the distribution of susceptibility over a particular rock object.
    Remote mode – allows measured data to be directly transferred to PC using bluetooth or USB connection.

    Sensitivity: 1 x 10-6 SI units 1 x 10-5 SI units in scan mode
    Measuring Ranges: ±999 x 10-3 SI units with automatically switched accuracy
    Operating Frequency: 10 kHz
    Display: 4 rows, backlight
    Data Memory: 999 readings (without GPS data)
    Controls: 4 switches: Escape, Enter, Up, Down
    Interface: USB 2.0, Bluetooth
    Power Consumption: 8 mA (without Bluetooth or backlight)
    Battery: 2 x AAA
    Operating Temperature: –20ºC to +60ºC
    Dimensions: 165 x 68 x 28 mm
    Weight: 250 g including batteries
    Accessories: Leather Case, Instruction Manual, USB cable, Disk with comm. program

  • Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer GS-512i £10,200.00 ex VAT

    The GS-512i is a 512 channel gamma-ray spectrometer which is designed to aid with field exploration of mineral deposits via gamma spectrometry. This functions by measuring concentrations of naturally occurring isotopes K (potassium), U (uranium) and Th (thorium). The GS-512i allows users to set up eight Regions of Interest (ROI’s) to measure pulse counts in channels and energy ranges defined by the user. The GSP-3 version is standard for this product.


    See below for more information

  • Portable Proton Magnetomter and Gradiometer PMG-2 £4,500.00£4,900.00 ex VAT

    The PMG-2 proton magnetometer and gradiometer are primarily designed for conducting field surveys of mineral deposits, searching for buried ferrous and other magnetic objects, and locating buried foundations and walls in archaeological sites.

    The device is supplied in two variants:

    Gradiometer is a fully equipped proton magnetometer and a gradiometer with two sensors to measure the gradient of the Earth’s magnetic field.

    Magnetometer is a cheaper version that does not allow measurement of the gradient and is equipped with only one sensor.

    Lead time of a few weeks.

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