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Coral limestone Slide


Coral limestone Slide micro scope slide exhibiting a cross section through carboniferous Lithostrotion coral within a calcite cement. Excellent to observe the nature of the minerals and interpret the history of the rock. The glass slide is 46 x 27 mm in size, suitable for enthusiasts, educational use and more, it will come in card sleeve with a label.

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Coral limestone microscope slide exhibiting a cross sectional view through carboniferous Lithostrotion coral within a calcite cement. Not all of the intricate detail has been preserved in these corals but this offers an opportunity to interpret the diagenetic history of the rock by analysing the nature, shape and relationship of the minerals present. This coral limestone from Anglesey was laid down in a shallow tropical sea around 300 million years ago in the Carboniferous. The section is made to 30 microns thickness and the glass is 46 x 27 mm in size with a cover slip. Supplied in a protective card sleeve with a label, ideal for microscopy.

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