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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Topaz Crystals

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Topaz crystals from the famous Topaz mountain, Utah, USA. these mineral specimens exhibit both yellow crystal along with bixbite, which is grey. They are small in size, only around 1 cm in length and so come supplied in a magnifier box with a data label for easier viewing. A well known semi precious gemstone due to its facetting and variety of colour, many will have seen topaz in jewellery at some point in their lives.

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Topaz is a well known mineral due to its use through out history and to the present day as a semi precious gemstone. The crystals have an orthorhombic form, similar to quartz and even form as points, such as these samples. They are in their natural state and so exhibit a tinged yellow to brown colouration and are semi transparent. However, various other colours can be found and the crystals are known to be facetted in to a variety of shapes. These particular crystals were collected from the famous Topaz mountain in the State of Utah, USA. The summit of this mountain is well known for its abundance of semiprecious stone such as topaz but also beryl and opal too, the topaz crystals supplied also are partially covered in a grey mineral known as bixbite, the samples are small, approximately 1 cm and will come supplied in smallmagnifier box with a label.

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