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Thin Sections

Thin sections allow you to view rock specimens in a completely different manner, up close on a microscopic level. With this ability, one can view crystal shapes, habits, rock textures and inclusions in much more fine details, allowing you to determine the contents of a rock much better. We stock glass slides of all the main categories of rock, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary, the majority of the slides we offer are actually made from our very own stock of samples, ensuring you receive legitimate ones, for example, a slide exhibiting desert sandstone, will actually be made from a piece of desert sandstone from the large amount we keep in stock for rough rock specimens. All slides are made to a thickness of 30 microns, a fair industry standard, they are small, measuring 46 x 27 mm in size and include a cover slip and a card sleeve which indicates the specimen inside. Excellent additions to rock collections, microscopy enthusiasts and for educational use, simply click on any of the images below or the text below them and you will be taken to a page detailing all the vibrant and colourful slide when viewed through a microscope lens.