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Introducing our Brown Outer Boxes – the perfect packaging and storage solution for geologists, rock collectors, and earth science professionals. These durable and versatile boxes provide a secure and protective outer layer for transporting, shipping, or storing geological specimens, rock samples, fossils, and related items.

Contact us today to explore our selection and discover the perfect Brown Outer Boxes for your specific needs. Trust in the quality, durability, and functionality of our boxes to enhance the safety and organization of your geological specimens, ensuring their integrity and longevity in your collection or during transit.

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  • Brown Outer Boxes £12.38£13.38 ex VAT

    Specimen outer boxes made from thick corrugated card, single walled and easy to assemble thanks to mild scoring along all foldable points and locking tabs to hold the box together when asembled. These boxes are supplied as flat pack and are available in two depths, 2 inch (6 cm) and 3 inch (8 cm). They come in two parts, the base and the lid and when constructed, are ideal for the safe storage or transport of samples and other items.

    2 inch deep box – 39 x 28 x 6 cm (constructed)
    3 inch deep box – 39 x 28 x 8 cm (constructed)

    400 in stock

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