ScanIT allows you to digitse your core samples and boreholes with ease. Using this unique software designed and programmed by UCP with input from some of the biggest names in the business, any drilling site can photograph their core samples and later mark points of interest on the core such as depth, fractures, veins and later produce a stereonet diagram, a continuous down hole image and orthographic projection. Find out more about ScanIT and how it can help you on-site below.


Digitise Boreholes with Ease

Obtain and collate digital photographs of core trays in the field or core shed with ease by using UCP’s photography method and core tray accessories. Although ScanIT can be used on most core tray models, for the best and most accurate results, using it alongside UCP core trays is advised. Simply use an Iphone with the camera cradle, using the panoramic setting on the camera, slowly slide the cradle along the core tray until the photo process is complete. With this format, you can take a panoramic photograph on your smart phone to upload into the ScanIT software to study either right away on site or later at the desk.


Efficient and Precise Depth Referencing

Utilising UCP’s custom made depth marker, which are imprinted with blank ‘digital’ style text format. Once filled in, ScanIT can automatically recognise each depth marker in a core tray and begin depth registering your bore hole as your images are being imported into the software. Users must then allocate any forced or natural breaks and mark loss or gain zones (as per industry standard procedure) manually to correctly record your core run, this can then be used to calculate RQD for your bore hole.



 Log Structural Features, Veins and Record Data

With efficient access to photographic records of your core trays, users can easily pinpoint and mark out features of interest, these include structural features such as mineral veins, intrusions, bedding planes or layers and more as well as adding annotations to points of interest. Marking these out will automatically record the data for later interpretation, calculations and analysis as well as collate all the data in one place for export or to present to other users.


Import Logging Parameters for Features

User defined logging parameters can be imported into ScanIT to allow you to accurately log their features. Whether these are primary or secondary lithologies, planar features or lineations and add your project specific logging parameters into each feature to obtain complete lithological and structural logs which can be exported into Excel format for ease of data transfer.



ScanIT Output Capabilities


3D Orthographic Projection

Output your borehole data as a three dimensional orthographic projection, allowing users to scroll up, down and side to side of your borehole. This will allow you to view how planar features could potential interact with each other outside of the core sample. Overall, this ScanIT feature will allow you to conceptualise underground geology and figure possible lines of intersections between geological features and ore bodies in an easy to interpret 


Stereonet Projection

Alongside orthographic data, ScanIT can also be used to plot your structural and lithological data onto a variety of stereographic representations. This feature will allow users to observe how features may potentially interact with each other. However, it will also enable you to sort your data and view circular mean with standard deviations of your data sets. Contour your poles at a push of a button, greatly streamlining the core logging analysis work.


Composite Down Hole Image

An excellent output feature of ScanIT is the ability to stitch together all photographs of your bore hole into a composite image, detailing your entire downhole without any breaks and gaps in the core in one image (as PDF or PNG format) along with any annotations and features pointed out. This will allow users, present and future to scroll from top to bottom of the bore hole and easily view all structural and lithological data visually and read any notes made by previous users.


Export Your Data

With ScanIT, users can export data into an Excel Spreadsheet files to your company or user specific requirements. All exports can be adapted to be incorporated into data base management software packages or .csv your files to be imported into other mine modelling software programs which accept .csv files.