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  • Brunton Axis Pocket Transit

    The Brunton Axis pocket transit is the ideal geological compass clinometer for use in the field by geologists undertaking mapping or mineral exploration. It features a unique hinge which allows for obtaining, fast, accurate drip and strike results, simultaneous, efficiently and easily. The needle as with all Bruntons is accurate, has a smooth operation and reliably fast dampening period. Two bubble levels allow users to ensure the instruments is level, no matter where and the needle locking mechanism allows for accurate strike and direction readings to be viewed even if moved. All housed with a robust, sturdy alloy housing.


      • measurement style: unique, simultaneous methods
      • dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3cm
      • weight: 341.6 g
      • azimuth: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • hinge dial: +/- 1˚ w/ 2˚ graduations
      • plumb clinometer: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • lid protractor: +/- 1/2˚ w/ 1˚ graduations
      • declination adjustment: +/- 180˚

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