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  • Araneograptus murrayi £2.00 ex VAT

    Araneograptus murrayi fossil graptolite specimens which exhibit dendritic morphology. The samples are preserved within Fezouata shale deposits of lower Ordovician which is within the Drâa-Tafilalet region of Morocco and show the fan like structure this species had during life. A colonial animal, graptolites likely floated trough the ocean and filter fed, much similar to corals. The abundance of iron in the rock gives the shale and fossils a pale orange colouration. Graptolites themselves are important for geological dating as specific species can be used as zoning fossils to determine the age of strata, as such, these samples are not only suitable for enthusiasts but also educational use. They come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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  • Diplomystus £9.00 ex VAT

    Diplomystus sp fossil fish specimens from the famous Green River formation in the state of Wyoming, USA. These fish (of which the exact species is undermined) lived in a fresh water lake in what is now Wyoming and died en mass, fossilising in the calcite rich sediment at the lake floor. They are identifiable as Diplomystus due to their rounder and larger body as opposed to the more slender, Knightia fish also found in the same formation. They fossils are between 50 to 90 mm and show the overall shape of the fish as well as the spine, ribs and fins and are thus ideal for educational use or as gifts. Each sample will come supplied in a white card tray with an information label.



  • Flexicalymene £3.00£6.00 ex VAT

    Flexycalymene trilobite fossils, (syn: diacalymene) are a well known extinct species which lived during the Ordovician period, 449 to 443 million years ago and were found in Erfoud, Morocco. These samples exhibit quite clear morphological features such as the pygidium, cephalon and thorax as well as the shape and segments as expected. They appear to have a rusty, limonotic colouration which is due to iron oxide staining in the beds the fossils were found in. Available in various sizes and come supplied in a tray with a label.

    • Class: Trilobata
    • Species: Flexycalymene sp.
    • Age: Ktaoua-Formation, Devonian period, 449 to 443 million years old
    • Location: Erfoud, Morocco
  • Leptopius Weevil Cacoon £7.30 ex VAT

    Leptopius duponti fossil weevil cacoons from the Holocene period found in Elliston, south Australia. Known informally as pixie clogs, the cacoons were spun by the weevils in their pupae stage in order to protect them during metamorphosis into adult beetles. An interesting piece for fossil collectors or educational use to exhibit an example of a ‘trace fossil’, the cacoons are approximately 50 mm in length and 30 mm in diameter and come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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  • Ogyginus sp. pygidium £3.00£5.00 ex VAT

    Ogyginus sp fossil pygidiums from the Llanvirn series during the middle of the Ordovician period, the samples come from mid Wales in the UK and are preserved on a fine grained solid mudstone matrix. The pygidiums (tail) are available and it is believed that this is due to moulting behaviour of the animal in which it anchored its tail to the sea floor to moult its old carapace, during the process. The samples are well preserved and range between 15 t0 20 mm in size and increasingly more difficult to come by. They are ideal for both collectors and enthusiasts but also ideal for educational use to describe the animals behaviour in life, each samples will come supplied in a white card tray with an information label.

    • Class: Trilobata
    • Species: Ogyginus sp.
    • Age: Llanvirn series, middle Ordovician period
    • Location: Mid Wales, UK.


  • Fossil Specimen Cards (25 cards) £1.25 ex VAT

    Fossil specimen sample cards, these cards are blank having spaces for you to write the ‘name’, ‘age/horizon’ and ‘locality’ of a rock specimen or specimens collected. Ideal for conducted field work or cataloging your collection. 73mm x 46mm.

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