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  • Angelite (Anhydrite) – Peru £1.50£8.00 ex VAT

    Angelite is a popular trade name for a variety of Anhydrite that is light blue-grey in colour, semi-transparent, fine grained and marketed as gem material. These specimens, along with most angelite, are from Lima, Peru and were collected near the Casapalca Mine at Casapalca, Huarochiri Province, Lima Department, Peru.


  • Blue Calcite £2.07£5.54 ex VAT

    Specimens of blue calcite from Mexico. These samples of blue calcite vary in colour from the typical light blue to a pale almost white, they are supplied in a card tray with an information label. These specimens are perfect for mineral collectors and ideal as a teaching aid.

    25 in stock

  • Chalcedony (France) £3.45£24.15 ex VAT

    Specimens of chalcedony with quartz from Alabaster Coast, Normandy, France. These samples of chalcedony have a predominantly pale blue colouration with some inclusions of white and pale red material, some pieces also contain quartz crystal beds. These specimens are supplied in a white card tray with an information label.

  • Estwing E6-22BLC Big Blue Geological Hammer £49.00 ex VAT

    Estwing E6-22BLC is a moderately heavy geological hammer featuring a wider than usual flat breaking face for crushing material along with a wide chisel edge for cutting, chipping and prying material. Suitable for both hard and soft rock geology, the hammer is cast from a single piece of American steel and features the anti-shock grip with a blue colouration for easily visibility. The hammer offers a hefty weight giving excellent force per strike along with suitable control.

    Technical Specification:

    • Model – E3-22BLC
    • Head weight – 566 grams (22 oz)
    • Construction – Drop forge
    • Material – American steel
    • Finish: Steel, painted blue.
    • Handle – steel with anti-shock vinyl grip
    • Edge – wide chisel edge
    • Made in the United States of America

    2 in stock

  • Galena (Leadhills) £2.07£4.03 ex VAT

    Specimens of galena in matrix from Leadhills, South Lanarkshire, Scotland,UK. These samples display galena crystals of varying sizes and lustres within a matrix. Pieces are supplied in a white card tray with an information label, multiple sizes are available.

  • Safety Helmet (Blue) £6.50 ex VAT

    This Scan Industrial Safety Helmet is manufactured from high density polyethylene to provide excellent head protection. Head protection is essential for site workers for protection from falling objects or striking against fixed obstacles. This helmet features a rain gutter to channel water away from the helmet and face. Please note this product is too large for regular post and must be delivered using a courier service.
    nEasily adjustable to fit head size of between 520 and 620 mm.
    nConforms to EN397:1995
    nHelmet weight: 350g.

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