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  • Ultraviolet LED Triplet Hand Lens (10x 21mm) £17.50 ex VAT

    Introducing an outstanding triplet hand lens with a remarkable x 10 magnification and a wide 21 mm viewing field. This loupe enables detailed examination of specific areas within a sample. Crafted using three precision-ground glass elements (triplet optics), it delivers exceptionally clear vision. Additionally, this model features both LED and UV lighting options, making it an ideal tool for geologists and entomologists. In particular, for ex the fluorescent properties of minerals, crystals, and insects.

    The lighting system consists of a ring of six bright white LEDs that enhance the visibility of your chosen sample. The single UV LED emits longwave fluorescence, causing many materials to emit a glowing effect in the dark.

    Encased in durable plastic housing that seamlessly integrates with a stainless steel body, this loupe is powered by three LR297 button batteries (included). It comes with a key for easy battery replacement, and a leather case for added convenience. This versatile lens is an indispensable tool across various professions including geology, sedimentology, mineralogy, entomology, botany, jewelry making, gem cutting, and more

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