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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ultraviolet LED Triplet Hand Lens

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A triplet hand lens with ultraviolet (UV) capabilities, this magnifier boasts triplet optics (3 pieces of glass) to enhance the viewing quality along with excellent x 10 magnification and a generous 21 mm field of view. The loupe has a body made of stainless steel and a plastic housing, on which there is a ringe LED UV light but also a ring of white LED lights too (for viewing in low light conditions). The ultraviolet light is extremely useful for both geologists, gemologists and entomologists, as minerals, gemstones or insects which fluoresce will be visible under the light and fluoresce their respective colours, aiding in identification or location. The lens uses three LR297 button batteries, which are provided and comes in with a faux leather case and a small gift box.

This excellent triplet hand lens, boasting excellent x 10 magnification with a wide 21 mm viewing field, this loupe will allow you to view many details in a particular area of a sample. It is made using 3 pieces of glass (triplet optics) offering excellent clarity in vision, aside from that, this model also offers both LED and UV lighting, making this magnifier perfect for use by geologists and entomologists in particular, who can take advantage of minerals, crystals and insects fluorescent properties. The lighting offered is a ring of 6 white LED lights, which will enhance viewing of any sample you have, such as a rock, mineral or fossil specimen, or plants, insects, sediment and jewellery. The single UV LED light provides fluorescent lighting at the longwave length, making many longwave and some shortwave fluorescent when the light touches, as if to appear to 'glow' in the dark. Houses in tough plastic which swings into a stainless steel body, the lights are powered by 3 LR297 button batteries, which are provided, as well as a key which will allow you to open the battery closure to replace them, accessories include a leather case. An excellent lens for use across a range of professions such as geology, sedimentology, mineralogy, entomology, botany, jewellery and faceting and much more.

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