“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

3″ x 2″ White Card Trays


3 x 2 inch (76 x 50 mm) white specimen trays, easy to self assemble due to the unique design which has the card shape already cut out and scored along the edges which will require folding. Once folded, the card tray holds its self together easily, creating a robust holding unit to house your rocks, mineral or fossil specimens with ease. Flat faces allow you to affix labels detailing the trays contents. Each tray measures 76.2 x 50.8 mm when assembled and stands 25 mm high. There shape makes them suitable for the holding of more rectangular shaped samples of objects.

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3 x 2 inch size white specimen card trays produced from box card with a sturdy thickness, these trays have been cut and scored into a particular shape to allow them to be easily self assembled by folding along the lines present. Once folded, the trays designed allows them to be uniquely held together without any glue or staples required. the construction gives them excellent robustness, thus making them suitable for the task of holding your rock, mineral or fossil specimens or any other items that you see fit. The blank sides also allow you to affix your own label should you wish, detailing the contents of the trays. The trays were designed to fit into our brown outer boxes so that you can collect specimens and keep them organised at all times. Due to their elongated shape, these trays are suitable for holding of more oblong shaped samples of objects.

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Weight 4 g
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25 Trays, 50 Trays, 100 Trays, 200 Trays, 500 Trays, 1000 Trays, 2000 Trays


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