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  • GEO Double Hand Lens £4.95 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:
    • Eyepieces: glass lens (1 piece of glass per lens)
    • Magnification: x 10 and x 20
    • Diameter (viewable area) 18 mm and 12 mm
    • Body: Stainless steel
    • Finish: chrome plated

    A high quality double hand lens is ideal for use by geologists as well as by jewellers as a jewellery loupe. This is a quality combination lens with a 10 x magnification, 18 mm diameter lens and a 20 x magnification 12 mm diameter lens on the other end. The lens allows for both general and high magnified viewing of mineral, rock or fossil specimens and jewellery, housed in a chrome body and comes in a small plastic case for safe keeping.

  • GEO Hand Lens 10X 18 mm £2.50 ex VAT

    A high quality hand lens with a total metal body and housing, this model features a x 10 magnification lens with a small 18 mm viewing field, this economical loupe is small and handy yet rugged enough for use in the field. It is suitable for use in a range of fields such as geology, both higher and primary level education, field work, botany, viewing of insects and many other small objects and organisms. A small loop is also present, should you wish to thread your own lanyard through it, preventing its loss and also enable you to secure the lens around your neck or wrists. An excellent buy for not very much, it is ideal for a wide range of ages to us and if you require more, discounts are available.

  • GEO Hand Lens 10X 21 mm £2.80 ex VAT

    This model of our range of hand lenses boasts excellent x 10 magnification optics for clear magnified viewing as well as a large 21 mm diameter viewing area, allowing you to observe more of a sample in one go. This quality loupe is housed in chrome plated stainless steel, providing you with rugged protection for outdoor use. A small hoop is present if you wish to thread your own lanyard through to prevent loss or be able to hang the lens around your neck or wrists for ease of use. All in all, this model is one of our best selling loupes, it’s features enable it to be used across a wide range of fields including geology, geography, sedimentology, botany, entomology and many more as well as being suitable for a variety of levels, from children to amateurs, students to professionals.

  • NGS 2007 Hand Lens £1.50 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:
    • Eyepieces: glass lens (1 piece)
    • Magnification: x 10
    • Diameter (viewable area) 18 mm
    • Body: Brass with chrome finish
    • Lens housing: plastic with rubber outer layer

    This hand lens is excellent for general use, children, earth science students and more. It has a x 10 magnification with an 18 mm viewing area, a stainless steel body and plastic rubber housing around the glass, suitable for geology, botany, entomology and more, where enhanced viewing of minute objects is required.

  • Ruper 10 x 20 mm Hand Lens £16.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 10x magnification hand lens with a generous 20 mm diameter viewing field. Manufactured in Japan, Ruper loupes are world renowned for their robust build and quality optics. In the case of this model, the magnifier is made with aplantic doublet optics and so significantly reduces spherical abrasions when observing items. These high end lenses are suitable not only for students but professionals in the acedemic and industrial sectors, especially geologists, botanists, entomologists, archaeologists, gemologists, jewelers and those with an interest in antiques. An excellent entry level professional magnifier lens.

  • Ruper 5008 Hand Lens £27.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 5008 hand lens magnifier with powerful x 20 magnification and a moderate 15 mm wide diameter field of view. An excellent loupe manufactured in Japan, which uses doublet optics with achromatic design to significantly reduce abrasion in your field of view. Renowned in various sectors and fields by their name, this magnifier is manufactured from stainless steel and is unfinished, giving it a texture which provides extra grip making it useful for those particularly working in field conditions where weather may affect your grasp. The loupe is suitable for students, professionals and academics alike, particularly those of you in the fields of geology, gemology, archaeology, antiques dealings, entomology, watchmaking and more.

  • Ruper 5024 Double Hand Lens £25.00 ex VAT

    Ruper 5024 double hand lens, a loupe which provides both x 15 and x 8 magnification with 13 mm and 25 mm diameter viewing fields respectively. A robust stainless steel body houses the doublet optics (two pieces of glass for higher quality viewing) which work together to eliminate abrasions in viewing. These magnifiers are manufactured in Japan to a high specification and are well known throughout various industries and fields of study. As this is a double lens, it offers you the option to easily switch between different strengths of magnification, depending on what is being viewed, overall, an excellent magnifier suitable for a variety of users including geologists, gemologists, jewelers, watchmakers, antique dealers, entomologists and more.

  • Ultraviolet LED Triplet Hand Lens (10x 21mm) £17.50 ex VAT

    A triplet hand lens with ultraviolet (UV) capabilities, this magnifier boasts triplet optics (3 pieces of glass) to enhance the viewing quality along with excellent x 10 magnification and a generous 21 mm field of view. The loupe has a body made of stainless steel and a plastic housing, on which there is a ringe LED UV light but also a ring of white LED lights too (for viewing in low light conditions). The ultraviolet light is extremely useful for both geologists, gemologists and entomologists, as minerals, gemstones or insects which fluoresce will be visible under the light and fluoresce their respective colours, aiding in identification or location. The lens uses three LR297 button batteries, which are provided and comes in with a faux leather case and a small gift box.

  • GEO Premier Triplet Hand Lens (10x 20.5mm) £13.95 ex VAT

    Technical Specification:
    • Eyepiece: glass lenses
    • Layer: triplet (3 separate pieces of glass)
    • Magnification: x 10
    • Diameter (viewable area) 20.5 mm
    • Body: Stainless steel with matt black finish
    • Lens housing: Stainless steel with matt black finish

    Genuine triplet hand lens with 3 layers of optical glass, boasting x 10 magnification and a wide 20.5 mm diameter viewing area, the GEO Premier hand lens is suitable for an array of professional fields including geology, botany, entomology, geography and more.

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