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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Flagging Tape – Red

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Variation: Standard
Tape width: 30 mm
Length: 91 meters
Thickness: 3.2 mil (0.08 mm)
Colour: Red
Material: PVC

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Flagging tape, red colour is made from PVC, a material with strength and durability, often needed in heavy duty sectors and industries. This roll of flagging tape comes in red and is a standard variation, able to width stand temperatures down to 0 degrees celsius, each roll contains 91 meters in length of tape, the absence of adhesives allows you to tie, pin or attach the tape to almost any object you can find in the field or on site, such as fence posts, trees, rock outcrops, wire and so on. The tape is also a generous 30 mm wide with a deep red colour ensuring it can be seen by most people and at a distance. Ideal for use in a range of sectors including surveying, orienteering, tagging, mining, geological surveys, forestry, events and much more.

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