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Otodus Obliquus Teeth

• Geological Age: Eocene period, 55 to 50 million years ago.
• Location: Atlas Mountains, Morocco.
• Family: Shark
• Species: Otodus obliquus

Otodus obliquus fossil teeth from an extinct genus of mackerel shark found in the phosphate beds near the Atlas mountains in Morocco. The sharks lived during the Eocene period, 55 to 50 million years ago. Available in various sizes and supplied in a small display box with a label, they are ideal for educational use, gifts and older children.

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Otodus obliquus is an extinct species of mackerel shark which lived during the Eocene period between 55 to 50 million years ago. As with all sharks, their bodies had no bones except their teeth, with the skeletal structure being composed of flexible cartilage. Thus allowing only their teeth and jaws to be fossilised. It is estimated from teeth size that these sharks could grow up to nearly 10 metres in length. These particular samples were found in the famous phosphate beds around the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Due to their relatively young age in terms of other fossils, they are fairly intact and complete and still have quite a sharp edge and pointed tip, so are suitable for older children. The teeth are available in various optional sizes and come supplied in an acrylic display box with a label.

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