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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ruper 5024 Double Hand Lens

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Ruper 5024 double hand lens, a loupe which provides both x 15 and x 8 magnification with 13 mm and 25 mm diameter viewing fields respectively. A robust stainless steel body houses the doublet optics (two pieces of glass for higher quality viewing) which work together to eliminate abrasions in viewing. These magnifiers are manufactured in Japan to a high specification and are well known throughout various industries and fields of study. As this is a double lens, it offers you the option to easily switch between different strengths of magnification, depending on what is being viewed, overall, an excellent magnifier suitable for a variety of users including geologists, gemologists, jewelers, watchmakers, antique dealers, entomologists and more.

The Ruper 5024 is an excellent double hand lens, it provides you with both x 15 and x 8 magnification with 13 mm and 25 mm diameter fields of viewing. The body and lens housing are made from stainless steel with a matt finish which protects the glass for use in many environments as well as giving it a sleek finish, with the magnifiers located at either end which fold out. This loupe utilises quality doublet optics (not triplets as many may assume or as many sellers may suggest). The doublet optics work to clear abrasions when you view an object and are very versatile. Manufactured in Japan, this high quality loupe is another reminder of why Ruper are an industry best, accessories supplied are a faux leather pouch. The option to switch between two different strengths of magnification make this lens suitable for use in a wide range of professions and interests such as geology, sediment study, observation of insects, faceting, polishing and cutting of jewellery and gemstones, minute hobby and crafts and much more.

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