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GEO Premier Triplet Hand Lens

£13.95 ex VAT

Technical Specification:
• Eyepiece: glass lenses
• Layer: triplet (3 separate pieces of glass)
• Magnification: x 10
• Diameter (viewable area) 20.5 mm
• Body: Stainless steel with matt black finish
• Lens housing: Stainless steel with matt black finish

Genuine triplet hand lens with 3 layers of optical glass, boasting x 10 magnification and a wide 20.5 mm diameter viewing area, the GEO Premier hand lens is suitable for an array of professional fields including geology, botany, entomology, geography and more.

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The GEO Premier is a genuine triplet hand lens made from high quality triplet optical glass (3 separate layers of glass). The optics boast a clear and concise x 10 magnification with a wide 20.5 mm viewing field, allowing you to view more of a particular area of a sample at once. This excellent quality lens comes in a metal housing which is ideal for rugged use in the field, able to width stand bumps and drops. The hexagonal shape makes the loupe easier to grip and hold, especially in wet conditions. One end of the magnifier also has a bar and metal hoop which you may attach a lanyard or thread to (not included). The hand lens also comes in a leather case, overall, an excellent hand lens for both students to professionals.

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Weight 180 g

1 review for GEO Premier Triplet Hand Lens

  1. Tom H

    Good rugged lens and case

    I’ve been using this lens in the field for about 5 years now and find it completely adequate for professional geological fieldwork. Broad lens makes it easy to use (plenty of light). Sometimes the screws come a bit loose, but can easily be re-tightened, and the rubber lugs between the lens and the housing stop this being too much of an issue. The leather pouch doesn’t have a lanyard connection but I just cut a slot in it myself and attached it to the same lanyard as the lens so that it doesn’t get lost. All round a nice lens, which I would recommend.

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