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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

GEO Double Hand Lens

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Technical Specification:
• Eyepieces: glass lens (1 piece of glass per lens)
• Magnification: x 10 and x 20
• Diameter (viewable area) 18 mm and 12 mm
• Body: Stainless steel
• Finish: chrome plated

A high quality double hand lens is ideal for use by geologists as well as by jewellers as a jewellery loupe. This is a quality combination lens with a 10 x magnification, 18 mm diameter lens and a 20 x magnification 12 mm diameter lens on the other end. The lens allows for both general and high magnified viewing of mineral, rock or fossil specimens and jewellery, housed in a chrome body and comes in a small plastic case for safe keeping.

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The GEO double hand lens is an excellent magnifier for those requiring a standard magnification with a wide viewing area and a more powerful magnification when needed, though more concise. This model features two lenses on either side of the lens, the first is a x 10 magnification optic with an 18 mm diameter viewing field, the second is a more intense x 20 magnifier but with a smaller 12 mm viewing field, this small diameter allows the magnification to be strong with distorting the vision. Both glass pieces and the body are housed in chrome plated stainless steel, with two sets of magnifiers, this is a very versatile lens, it can be used to observe rock samples, fossils, minerals plant matter however, the x 20 lens can allow you to view all these in much higher detail but also view sediments, insects and other very small objects. It is also important to note, that neither of these lenses are triplet or five elements as confirmed to us by the manufacturer. They are standard single glass optics, if you see the same model being sold claiming otherwise, you should be aware that the information is false.

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