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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ruper 5008 Hand Lens


The Ruper 5008 hand lens boasts excellent x 20 magnification while still providing a moderate 15 mm diameter viewing area for you. This loupe utilises doublet glass lenses with an achromatic design which is done to lessen the effects of chromatic and spherical aberration or distortion. This is manufactured with two lenses, one piece of glass has a concave depression on one side, in this depression sits another piece of optical glass which is convex in shape. As more often than not, the higher the magnification on a magnifier, if the viewing field is too large, the more likely one will encounter less than desired quality in viewing objects. These two pieces of optical glass when put next to each other reduce chromatic distortion. The body and lens housing is made from stainless steel, unfinished, to give it a textured surface while still providing protection for use in rugged environments, the word ‘Achromatic’ and ’20 x’ printed onto one side, accessories included is a faux leather pouch to store your lens for protection. Manufactured in Japan, once again, Ruper have produced an excellent high quality lens suitable for used by geologists, jewellers, faceters, sedimentologists, entomologists and many more to observe your samples and specimens under.

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