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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

A4 Aluminium Clipboard – Foolscap and Back Hook

£10.75 ex VAT

• Dimensions: 350 x 230 mm
• Paper size taken: A4 and smaller
• Material: Aluminium
• Cap: Folscap
• Additional features: Back hook

An excellent clipboard made from aluminium, ideal for use in the field, strong, tough and rugged, it features a tight foolscap to keep your notes in place and also a back hook to hang it when not in use. Takes A4 sizes pages and small, rounded edges with a polished finish.

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A rugged and reliable clipboard made from aluminium for use in field environments, it is completely weather resistant and strong enough to width stand drops to the floor and moderate weight place upon it. The board measures 350 x 230 mm, slightly larger than the A4 sheets which can be used on it, ensuring edges of your pages are not hanging off and also utilises a strong, robust foolscap, which will ensure your paper work stays secured to your clipboard what ever the weather. On the opposing side is a back hook, this will allow you to either hang the board up when not in use at your office or home or if you need to free up your hand, hang it on a nearby horizontal tree branch. An excellent clip board for field work.

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Weight 275 g


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