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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Anthracite Coal Slide


Anthracite coal microscope slides for viewing the magnified crystals which make up these rock specimens, excellent for enthusiasts and educational use, the slide exhibits the almost carbon content nature of anthracite, made to 30 microns thick, each slide comes supplied with a cover slip and cardboard sleeve.

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Microscope slide of anthracite coal, a sedimentary rock. Anthracite is a variation of coal which is crystalline and compact, it has a vitreous lustre giving it a shine, when viewed under certain angles of light. This coal, compared to others has the highest carbon content and few impurities. These slides will allow you to view the said fine, crystalline nature of the rock, which appears to show it being made up, almost entirely of carbon. The slides are 30 microns thick and measure 46 x 27 mm in size and have a cover slip of the section along with a protective cardboard sleeve.

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