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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Cetotherium Fossil Whale Vertebrae

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• Geological Age: Pliocene, 4 million years old
• Location: South Carolina, U.S.A
• Species: Cetotherium
• Part: Vertebrae

Cetotherium fossil whale vertebrae from South Carolina, U.S.A, professionally cleaned and prepped, this 24 cm long vertebrae bone bleonged to the now extinc baleen whale, a whale which filter fed much smaller animals such as shrimp. This bone weighs 8.4 kg and would be an excellent addition to serious collections, especially where it will be displayed.

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Cetotherium are an extinct species of whale which existed during the Pliocene period. This, quite well preserved fossil sample of a prehistoric whale vertebrae (back bone) known as Cetotherium found in South Carolina, U.S.A. The sample is large in size, measuring 20 cm in diameter, is 24 cm long and weighs 8.4 kg. However, this is just one back bone, and it is suggested these animals grew between 4 to 50 meters in length. The fossil whale bone shows some of the morphological features expecting on a vertebrae segment such as the transverse processes and spinous process (the protrusions of bone) However, these are incomplete. Finding full whale fossil bones is quite rare, and they are (like this one) damaged due to predation of the whale from the largest shark in the seas at the time, Megaladon. With each bite to a whales back, the Megaladons jaws would have damaged and in most cases even shattered the vertebrae bones. This particular specimen would be perfect for a serious fossil collector, or somewhere where it will be on display for others to see. Its large size and near completeness make it perfect for such a situation and is likely to be a talking piece where ever it is.

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