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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Crinoidal Limestone (1kg)

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Lower Carboniferous crinoidal limestone from Derbyshire, U.K. Supplie dby weight in lots of 1 kg. Comes in a polythene bag with an information label.

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This pale buff grey limestone was laid down about 300 Ma during the Lower Carboniferous in a shallow marine setting. The fossil crinoids belong to the sea lily family & like all echinodermata have 5 arms. Locally they are referred to as the "Derbyshire Screws" because of their appearance. Bivalves, brachiopods & corals are sometimes to be found along with the crinoids. This product is supplied by weight in lots of 1 kg. The size of pieces within the bag will vary.

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