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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Waterproof Sedimentary Logging Sheets

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Waterproof sedimentary logging sheet, printing on completely waterproof paper allowing you to create sedimentary logs and make field notes on site, what ever the weather. Features a customisable scale, columns for logging textures and making various notes with spaces to fill in crucial data for your project. Supplied in increments of 5, a must have for any form of field work.


A sedimentary logging sheet is a format used by field geologists, sedimentologists, glacialogists, bore hole loggers, surveyors and more in order to log sedimentary sequences of a particular site. They tend to have numerous columns down a page (which can be of any size) and contain various pieces of blank space to annotate and draw the texture logs. We have created a basic blank sedimentary logging sheet printed onto completely waterproof paper, most beneficial factor of this is of course being the that these sheets can be used in any weather condition, allowing you to create logs in rain, hail or shine with pencil. A blank scale is located down the left side of the page, which you can use to what ever scale you please, be it cm, meters, or other increments. A large space is present to draw various logs and textures with numerous columns available to denote the textures, grain size and sorting of the sediment being observed, with further columns present to denote if their are any structures present, colours and the formation it may belong to, followed by a large blank column for making crucial field notes. Basic space is left for inserting your location, a grid reference, project and hole number if you are using the sheet on a drilling or soil coring site as well as a space for your name, the date and a return address. An excellent item for students and professionals, don't be let down again by using standard paper, with our range, you can make your notes and create field drawings no matter the weather.

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