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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Estwing Hammer Holster

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Original Estwing hammer holster made from top grain russet leather with a steel cradle, swing point and slots to attach to your belt. This genuine Estwing holster is suitable for use with a range of Estwing tools, as well as our other branded geological hammers.

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Official Estwing hammer holster, suitable for a use with a variety of Estwing strike tools, the holster is made from genuine russet leather on which a steel cradle is attached, the cradle has a swing point, this allows the hammer to move and tilt according to your body position, ensuring that what ever angle you are at, whether standing, leaning or laying down, the hammer will remain upright at all times. Slots at the top of the holster allow you to attach it to your belt, keeping your tool by your side at all times. Suitable for use with our range of geological hammers.

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