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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Estwing Pointed Tip Hammer Holster

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Estwing produced nylon hammer holster produced from industrial grade nylon which is tough for use in rugged conditions. This holster is suitable for use with Estwing pointed tip range of geological hammers and rock pick, with the head sitting securley in a pouch which attaches to your belt.

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Estwings tough industrial grade nylon hammer holster with button closure and belt hoop, this holster is suitable for holding Estwing range of pointed tip geological rock hammers and picks. A hold in the bottom of the holster allows the hammers handle to fall through until the hammer head rests in the pouch. A hoop above the pouch allows you securly attach it to your belt, ensuring your Estwing tools are beside you and safe at all times.

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