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Estwing Big Blue Geological Hammer E6-24PC


Techincal Details:
Head Weight : 566g
Head Width: 7″
Overall Length: 13″
Total Weight: 870g
Head Face: 1 1/8″

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The Estwing 'Big Blue' is a new addition to Estwings' outstanding range of professional strike tools. The E6-24PC boasts a larger flat face, which makes it a lot easier to crush, or break rock; the large face allows maximum damage with little effort. On the opposite end of the hammerhead is a pointed tip, perfect for prying or extracting samples such as crystals or fossils from a rock matrix. Made using Estwing drop forge technique, this hammer is crafted from single pieces of steel ensuring a long life and virtually eliminates any chances of fault or breaking. The handle is Estwing own vinyl shock reduction grip, which absorbs the shock of each blow, delivered.

Techincal Details:
Head Weight : 566g
Head Width: 7"
Overall Length: 13"
Total Weight: 870g
Head Face: 1 1/8"

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Weight 1500 g


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