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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Flint Replaced Echinoids – Norfolk, UK


Echinoid fossils, replaced with flint from Norfolk, UK. Echinoids are the family which Sea Urchins belong to and inhabit the ocean floor from the interdial range to 5,000m deep. All fossils come supplied with a white card tray and information label.

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Echinoids, or sea urchins, are a common spiny, spherical marine animal. Often found on the sea bed, these creatures can inhabit any depth of ocean, and are one of the few genera found at depths up to 5,000 m. Although the species of these urchins are unknown (there are over 950), the location of discovery can be pinpointed to Side strand Beach, Norfolk, UK. These specimens have been replaced by flint which has precipitated into the voids left following erosion of the original echinoid. Available in a variety of sizes and qualities, these specimens are perfect for analysis, as they not only show a common fossil in splendid detail, but also a fundamental method of fossilisation. Supplied in a white card tray with information label.

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