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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Fossil Palm Slices

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Fossilised Palm tree slices, which have been cut and lacquered to display the internal tree structure in great detail. Found in the Americas and from the Palaeogene period, these fossils come supplied with an acrylic stand and can be used for analysis or decor.

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Fossilised slices of petrified palm trees from the Palaeogene period. These specimens were discovered in the Americas, and have since been cut into thick slices (1 inch thick) and lacquered to reveal the internal structure of the trees in great detail. The disc-shaped slices measure approximately 120 x 150 mm. The lacquered face is smooth to the touch, while providing a shine making these appropriate for display. The outer edge retains its genuine rough texture, and in most cases, the pattern of the bark is in tact. Each specimen is supplied with a 2-piece acrylic stand and information label.

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