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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Garnet Gemstone Bottle

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Garnet gemstone bottle, filled with 25 ml of tumbled and polished almandine garnets, which form deep within the earth. Excellent little gift items, the bottles are 50 x 30 mm and have a cork stopper, garnet crystals represent love and passion, don’t miss out on giving this to a loved one.

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Garnet gemstone bottles, filled with this precious and rare gemstone, garnet is a mineral which often forms at deep depths within the earths mantle and are found in a variety of forms, the most common, such as these are almandine garnets, which are a deep, rich, red colour. A strong mineral, it has been used through out history as a gemstone in a variety of jewellery pieces and decorative items and industrially as an abrasive. These pieces have been tumbled and polished and come supplied in a 50 x 30 mm size bottle, holding around 25 ml worth of the gemstone chips, and stopped with a cork stopper to prevent loss of pieces. An excellent gemstone which represent love and a birth stone, the bottle will make an excellent gift for a loved one or those looking for something unique to place on their table or cabinets.

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