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Hemimorphite – Scotland

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Hemimorphite mineral specimens found near Dunfries, Scotland, often located above zinc and lead mines near sphalerite and galena, these particular samples are a muted blue and green colour on matrix. Available in two sizes and supplied in a specimen tray with a label, they will make an excellent addition to serious British mineral collectors.

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Hemimorphite is a hydrated zinc silicate mineral which is related to smithsonite, it is found in areas near zinc and lead deposits and as such, associated minerals include sphalerite and galena. It can vary from white to blue and green and often exhibits a botryoidal crystal habit. These particular mineral specimens were found in Dumfries in Scotland, they have a a slight botryoidal form and a muted green and blue hue. Though not as extravagant to observe as other high end samples, the locality in which this was found, with minerals from the British Isles becoming harder to obtain, makes these particular samples more sought after. They are available in two sizes and come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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