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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Turqurenite Gemstone Bottle

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Turquerenite gemstone bottles filled with beautiful, calming sky blue coloured mineral chips of howlite which have been dyed. Around 25 ml of material is contain in the 50 x 30 cm glass bottles, their size makes them excellent gifts, especially in stockings on Christmas.

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Turquerenite gemstone bottles, filled with the semi precious gem chip of the same name, each measuring between 1 to 3 mm in size. Turquenite (not to be confused with the mineral, turqoise) is actually a dyed variation of howlinte, a naturally occuring calcite mineral, which is usually transparent or white in colour. However, dying them a calming, sky blue colour, has proven to be an excellent choice, as many prefer the colour. A common gemstone used through history in lapidiary, the pieces have been tumbled and polished, enhancing their colour and appearance, each bottle holds approximately 25 ml of material and measure 50 x 30 cm in size, included with a cork stopper. Their small size makes them excellent gifts for many, such as those interested in minerals, gemstone healing, children or if one has an affinity for blue.

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