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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

UCP Core Depth Markers

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Highly visible core depth markers made from tough, durable ABS plastic in a yellow colour for easy visibility on drilling sites. Each marker has a digital text style imprinted onto its surface, allowing users to mark readings with them, to avoid problems with hand writing. Users can record a wealth of important data related to core logs such as: depth, core recovered, loss or gain and more. Supplied in a packs of 25.

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Robust plastic core depth marker in a highly visible yellow colour for use on drilling sites with core trays. These markers have a digital text style which is imprinted, blank into the surface of the marker. This allows users to easily record data on to them, following the digital text style, thus, eliminating potential problems which may occur with different users hand writing. Ensuring that future users can easily read the data on the markers. Manufactured from ABS plastic, a robust thermoplastic polymer along with the imprinted style, data will not fade or smear over time and can be written on with pencil, ball point pens and permanent markers. A range of information related to core drilling and logging can be recorded on to the markers:

  • Core depth
  • Solid Core Recovered
  • Core loss or gain
  • Rock Quality Designation
  • Number of drill breaks
  • Core orientation percentage
  • Rock hardness

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