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Augite Granophyre


Augite granophyre igneous rock specimens from Carrockfell, Keswick in Cumbria, UK. Excellent pieces exhibiting a medium grain size of crystals which constitute this rock including, augite, quartz and feldspars and shows a granophyric texture. Suitable for avid collectors and higher educational use, the samples come supplied in a sized card tray with an information label.

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Augite Granophyre is an igneous rock of fine to medium grain size and forms typically in sub volcanic to igneous intrusive bodies. This particular rock is composed mainly of quartz and feldspar crystals which interlock with one another and give the rock a granophyric texture and gives it an overall pale, off pink colouration, however, as the name implies. it also contains small, dark green and black augite crystals, a pyroxene mineral which give the pieces a slightly heavier weight due to the density of augite, which sets a nice contrast in colour between the mainly dull pink colour with speckles of dark green and black. The specimens are from Carrock Fell in Cumbria and is part of the Carrock Fell igneous complex, which comprises of multiple dyke-like intrusions of Llanvirnian age, which occurred during the Ordovician period, approximately 464 million years ago. These samples are excellent igneous pieces and are suitable for more established collectors of higher level education, such as colleges and universities, each piece comes supplied in a white card specimen tray with an information label and are available in 3 optional sizes.

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