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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Fossil Evolution Set – Ammonites and Trilobites

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Fossil evolution set which represent the evolutionary stages of trilobites and ammonites at different stages, an excellent visual guide for educational use, the specimens are casts made from dental plaster and housed within a cell sectioned plastic box with a lid and provided with a set of notes.

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An excellent set produced to visually represent the evolutionary processes of both ammonite and trilobites in regards to the animals anatomy and how it has changed over millions of years. The set features 12 replica fossil casts made from high quality dental plaster (more durable and takes mold details much better). It has 5 trilobite molds and 7 ammonite molds, with some of the ammonite molds being close ups of shell structures such as suture lines. These sets are excellent to visually show the changes in animal anatomy, housed in a cell sectioned plastic box with a clear lid and supplied with a set of notes, they are excellent for use as a teaching aid.

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