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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ammonite Logo Double Hand Lens

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A small hand lens made in the USA for children with an ammonite fossil logo printed on one side. This handy little magnifier has two optics which each offer x 5 magnification, however, when overlapped, produce x 10 magnification instead. Suitable for children over the age of 6, the lens will allow them a close up view of the world around them from rocks, minerals and fossils to insects, amphibians, plants and more.

This surprising little hand lens has two magnifiers, both of which produce x 5 magnification individually, however, they can also be overlapped, boosting the total power of magnification to x 10. Made in the USA from robust plastic, the magnifier can width stand drops to the floor and also has no sharp edges or corners, making it ideal for young children over 6 who are developing an interest in nature and the outdoors, this handy little magnifier will enable you and them to observe the smaller things in life, including plants, insects, small amphibians and rocks, minerals and fossils as well as for use by various young children's educational and charity bodies and schools. The body, which is black also has a white ammonite logo printed on to its side to pique their interest.

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